2 days before the new moon

On  this Wednesday  before the  new moon I have  turned inward and starting  to try and  look  at  certain  situation in my life  differently.. new moons  are  about  beginnings. I  feel  like  and  know  there  are several new beginnings for me..Some of  those new beginning I  don’t have  a  choose over..  so in  these  cases I  am trying  to look  at it  differently  and  bring  positivity  to  them..For if i  can  do that  perhaps my perspective on  that will change  and  it will become  a good new beginning.  others i  do have  choose over  and  they are having  wonderful  benefits..  my thoughts also today  are that going inward and  looking  at  things  with  compassion  is  always  good


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