On this rainy day

I  woke up this  morning to rain pitter pattering on my  window. I love  the  sound of  rain. On  this  rainy  day I have done my laundry. Later I  am  going  to  go out  and buy myself a  new  winter  coat  and  perhaps a fall one  too . I feel  today like I  deserve new  coat.I tried  a new  yoga  poses  today  which I  been hesitate  to  try   since I started  class three  weeks  ago. I  really like it though did  not  think putting your leg up a  wall would  be  relaxing but it is. As well I  will  do  coffee  with  friend and the  warmth of coffee  and  good  friend  company  will be nice on  rainy  day.

Today seem it  will be  day to  reflect  and turn inward and perhaps do a princess  day  for myself. I am  back to my  regular  shift  tomorrow .. I  am little  disappointed   that it  back to part  time  hours.. however  the upside of that is I can  work on getting  some things  done in the  mornings.


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