musing on the day before the full moon

 well it  seem  the lessons of  this  full moon  are coming on strong  for me. All the  things I wrote  about  yesterday are in play  for me the last  few  days.. yesterday though a situation happened  at  work that had  me   worrying  and  obsessing over it..  this  morning I woke up  to realize  that the  situation is out of  my  control. I am having  hard time not worrying  about it  and analyzing  it.. However this  full moon is  about balance  and harmony with yourself  and  others.. I need  to  bring  myself  back to balance and harmony  within as I  felt  chaotic for the latter half of  the  day  and all night yesterday. That is  not  who I  truly am !!! who I  truly  am is a beautiful loving spirit of  the universe  and  creation!!! there is  a challenge  for  me  to balance   my individuality  and  relationships  with   certain others  in  one of the environment I am in  right  now. there is  lessons  at  play on speaking the  truth and  even  speaking up  at  all..

we  will  see what today  brings  and  what tomorrow  full moon  brings . however, I  am  feeling the  effect of  this  full moon  already and have been  for  several  days


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