Full moon of October in aries again

On  october 22, 2010 the  full moon will  be in  aries  again. This  full  moon is  a  hunter  moon.  since  aries is  a  fire  sign  it is  a  fast  moving  full moon.  Full moons  are  about  completion and  ending. So  this is a  good  time to finish and complete things.  the  sun is  still in libra and the  moon is  still in  aries.. so  we  still have the  fire  and  air  elements in play. libra is  about  balence  and  harmony. while  aries is  about having courage  to stand up  speak your  truth  and  act on  your  convictions. It is  about  being  who you  truly  are.

This full  moon gives  us  opportunity to understand our purpose of  being and in life . On  this  full moon we  should  strive  do our  best  and  to be the best  we  can  be. Look  at accepting,  figuring out   and  finding  your  passions  and  allowing  their  expression.   this is  a  time to  be  courageous. trust  your instincts  and intuition.  This  full moon will bring  and help you  figure  out the  path  that the universe,  spirit, Creator, God want you to  follow .So  follow the leads, the signs  and  guidance that   the universe, creator  and  spirit is  trying  to give you. In  doing  so you  will follow your  spiritual path, your  divine light  and  the light of  the  universe, god  and  spirit  will  shine  for  all to  see.

 since libra is  about   relationships, balance and harmony  and  aries is   about individualism..  this  full moon is  a  time  to seek  and  find  balance  between the  two. So  finding balance between our individuality  and our  relationships. finding  a  way  that  they work together  with  each other  and balance  each other  instead of being in  conflict and disharmony. since   this  full moon is  about  completion of  something  use aries  fire energy  to  see it  through to  completion  and  take the  last   steps that you need  to  take   to  finish it.

october is   time of  harvest,  creating, gathering and reap  what you  sew.   the hunter moon is  a good  time  to connect  with nature  and  animals.   It is  also   good  time  do  meditations  on  finding your  animal  guide/ totem. the  clan  mother to  work  with  at this  time  is weaves  the   web. Her  moon  cycle  falls in october.. The  lessons weaves the Web brings are about working with the truth. I have posted a  post on this  clan mother already  entitled october ~weaves the web ~ working with the truth for those interested in knowing more about  this  clan mother  and her  role as  clan mother of october

this Full Moon is  about integrating the changes necessary to  achieve inner balance. It is  about co-operation and harmony.  is a  time   to see what has not worked  for you and what has and  like the harvest reap what you have  sewn.. what  part of  your harvest  will  you  keep  for you?  what part  would you like  to  share  with others  from your heart? It is  about being your  true self   and   letting your true  self  shine and  respecting   and   honouring those  also  doing the  same. It is  about  being the  change you want to be  through inspired  action of  love,   co-operation and harmony.


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