Sacred Feminine

 So  we  are half  way  to the  next full  moon. I  am   musing  with  my heart  and listening  with it to  the inner voices  of the  sacred  feminine.  Sometime I  think  as  women   the  society is  so male oriented that we  as  women need  to  sometime  bring ourselves  back to the  sacred feminine.. I  believe  we need to have balance   between our  sacred  male  and  our  sacred  female…  however  for  me  it  seem I  need to  focus  for  now on the  sacred  feminine .. I have  been  spending  quite  a bit of  time in over  thinking and criticizing myself  to much  for  everything. I need to be   gentler on myself  and  spend  some time in the  inner  womb of  creation to re nourish, feel  safe,  secure  and  loved.

 So  for  those  women  that  also  feel this need recently  join  me  and perhaps  we  can  share  our  experiences  and insights as  well  come into  the  next  full moon on the  22 of  this  month


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