Morning musings

 So as You know i  started  restorative yoga  last  week. I  am  really enjoying  it. my morning  musing   today is  that i been  doing  short  five  to  fifteen minute yoga in the mornings  before  work. even on that  short a  time i  get this relaxed  feeling you  get  when you  first  wake up or have  meditated  along  time.. wonder  if  that  because the  body  getting use  to  relaxing or  because the  nervous  system just  goes  ahhhhhh  and  releases.. maybe i  will  ask  these  musing  next  class.. friend said  to  me   saturday ”  so your  becoming  a yoga  chick  huh?” I  said ” never thought i  would  say it  but  yes it  seem i  am” He  then  laughed  and  said “I  thought you would have  come  to it  long  before this ” lol


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