morning thoughts on balance and harmony

So it is  monday morning  and  it is  almost  time  for the  new  moon in three  days.. so  stay  tuned for the new  moon  post.. however,   it been effecting  me  now.. so my  morning  musing is how  do I  keep myself in  balance  and harmony today.. How do I find  that  balance between  co operating  with others yet  being  true  to myself ?.. what  needs  do I have  today that I need  to meet  for me? what does my  inner  wisdom and heart want    to  tell me  today?

 We  all  need  balance  and harmony  the  thought i have  this  morning  is how  can  we  balance our  physical, mental,  emotional  and  spiritual for ourselves?   How  do  we  bring that balance into harmony  with our  daily lives of  work,  family  friends   co workers  etc. yes I  know it is  an  age-old  question but  still here I sit  musing on it for myself  this  morning


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