october ~weaves the web ~ working with the truth

 Again my  book  the  13 original  clan mother came  to mind. I have been  seeing  a lot of  spiders  lately  and it  remind me  of  creation  and communication. it  has  also reminded  me of being  creative.. these  are lessons  that weaves the  web  teaches  us.  She is  the  clan  mother  for october.

 Just  for  reveiw  for those that  have never hear of  this  book  this is  what it is  about. This  book is a  very  good  book that teaches on the  sacred  feminine. Each of  the  clan mother has lessons  to  teach us her  children and the  world. Each clan mother has and  reflect teachings relates  to the moon and  it’s  cycles. Each clan  mother possesses talents, gifts and wisdom that  can help all of  us to  grow, develop and cultivate our own unique gifts, talents and abilities.

The  lessons weaves the Web brings are about working with the truth.  She is  the mother of creativity.the muse, the  artist,  the  creatress. she is the  manifestor of dreams, who brings visions into reality; guardian of life force,   she  teaches   women to give birth to their dreams; Keeper of Survival Instinct; Mother of the Creative/Destructive.

Her  moon  cycle  falls in the month of  october and  she is connected  to the  colour  pink. she is  the keeper of life  force..  so  she   can  guide us to  create  health, to manifest our  dreams, assess our  spiritual potentials and by seeing  developing  and using our  talents

 the lessons  she  teaches  us  are:.

 1) How to use our desire to create and bring our dreams into tangible forms.

2) How to tap the life force, using energy to build, change, or manifest our needs.

3) How to manifest our visions and give them life through our actions and artistic talents.

4) How to create new from old and how to destroy the limitations to creativity.

How to Work With Truth.


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