Full moon in Aries on sept 23, 2010

On sept  23 the  full moon  will be in  aries.. aries   is  a  fire  sign..   aries is the  first  sign so  it is in the  moon..  while libra is in the  sun.. so  this full moon  we have  fire  and  air  elements  at  work..   good  themes  to meditate on  are  raising  and  meeting  any challenges  you  are having in honorable  way. finding new  friends. taking  action though might  be  worry  and  scared  to.. finding  your  passions  and  allowing  their  expression.  do what make you  feel wonderful  alive..

 this is  a  time to  be  courageous. trust  your instincts  and intuition.   it is  time  to have the  courage  to stand up  speak your  truth  and  act on  your  convictions. Of going  past  your  comfort  zone and  finding the  gift in  doing  so. Of  being  who you  truly  are. it is  a time  to  begin new things or implement  the  changes  you wish to make. at the  same  time  because  aries is  a fire  sign  be  careful of  angry  and impulsive  actions you do not  want to  rush into  things  without  for  thought.

 Aries  however has  a short  lived  energy. it  a  great  energy to  start new things  however it  may  run out of  steam  very  quickly ..  so  to prevent this don’t  bite off  more  then you can   handle. keep it  short  and  fast so that you don’t  choke  on it  later. there  should be a  follow-up   plan in place  so that  you keep your  desire  and  activities  moving  full  speed  ahead. I have a  meditation that i  will post  later  to help  with  this.


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