You are a living testament to the power of being human

 It is  no  accident  that you are here on  this  earth in this  time.. It takes love,  strength,  courage  and  faith to be  here . Do not  for  one moment  think you  do not have  these  qualities  because just  being on the planet  at  this  time speak volumes of your  strength,  courage, love   and  faith. The human  spirit is  most spectacular  !! Each person on the  earth today hold  an  amazing soul  and  spirit!!!.. One  that  this planet  could not  do  without!!!  For  You were  all indeed   born  with a  mission  and  no one  else on the planet  can  fulfill it.. Yes  You heard  that many times  before.. the truth though always  stand  alone in the light of  truth  and love..

Each  and  every one of  you in your strength, courage,  love and  faith is a  living  testament to the  power of being human and the power of  the  infinite !!!  So remember how powerful You  are in all   Your infinite  glory and how loved you  are by  all of  creation !!!


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