Lonely ~ We all get lonely sometimes.

We all  get lonely  sometimes . I know it is  a  human  experience. I think many of us have trouble  dealing  with loneliness in  one  way or  another. It is  a  sign in  one  way that you might need  to  get out  and spend  time  with friends  and  people  more. Perhaps it is  a  time that you  need to  do the opposite  and  make  friends  with it  if you  can. However I’ve  been reading  eat  pray love  and there is a  quote in it that is  very powerful  and  deep.  I’ve  gone back to  that  quote reading  it  over  several times . the  reason I’ve  gone back  and read it  over  a lot is  that I  am  at this time  feeling lonely. It  comes  and it  goes and  I’ve been staving it off  sometime other times  not  so  much.  so I am  sharing   the  quote here  for  those that might be going  through bout of  loneliness  as  well.

From  Eat  Pray Love by  Elizabeth Gilbert

When I  get lonely these  days,  I think: So be lonely, Liz. Learn your way  around loneliness. Make a  map of it. Sit with it,  for  once in your life. Welcome to the human  experience. But never  again use another person’s body or  emotions as a  scratching post for your own unfulfilled yearnings.


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