Angel therapy cards for the day

 today i had  an  inspiration to pull  cards  for the  day  and  post them here.. I hope  they bring  an inspirational message  to your  day  and perhaps  some  guidance if needed.

1)  Sheild yourself

Protect yourself from harsh or  fear based energies by  envisioning a  cocoon of healing  light  around you.

 The  angels  brought you this  card because of your heightened  sensitivity  to  energies. this  sensitivity  could  mean you  are   picking up and  absorbing other  people energies.. this   could make you  feel upset unfocused and  tired. if you  are  feeling  negative  energies of  people  are  arguing  fighting or frightening you.  then it is  important  to  sheild  your  self .  you  do this  by  grounding yourself  and  then  seeing a  protective   bubble of  light  around your  entire  body. you  can  also  ask  arch angel Micheal   to  protect and  guard  you  from lower energies  as well. white light work  well   for  protection  and  so  does  purple.. however  can use any  colour  feel guided  to use

2) Archangel Raphael

The healing angel is  with you  supporting your  healing  work

 Your  prayer  for yourself  and other have been heard by archangel  Raphael the  angel of healing .   Archangel  Raphael  give you guidance  and idea  about  your health so  follow  any intuitive guidance  and impulses you  get. Call on him  for help   with healing  yourself  and  others. As well  if you  are healer  can  call on him to help you in sessions  with  others  as  well as  with yourself


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