Full moon of August 24, 2010 in pisces

 On August 24, 2010 the  full moon  was in pisces.  This  full moon in  pisces is  a  time  to    slow  down and connect  with yourself  friends  and  family. It is  important  to  take ” me”  time. This is  a  time  to  connect  with our spiritual nature  and  meditate . It is  a time  to meditate on the  changes you want  to make   and  how you  see your life. How do you  see the  bigger  picture and  re examining your  life   with  some inward reflection  so you  can make  your  dreams  come  true  within it. It is  a  good  time to start living your  dreams  and the life  you want

 This pisces moon highlights compassion, meditation,  spiritual , oneness  and interconnectedness  with all, sensitivity, heart  and imagination. However  with the other planet in play it is  also  a  time for  clarity  and  knowing your own needs. It is a  time  of balancing the ying  and the  yang of  those  two polarities

To help  balance   your ying  and the  yang  listening to music. Go  out  and   connect  with  nature.  Go look  at  some  art.   Do anything  that takes you within  to your heart  and  soul. At the  same  time your  connection with others is  also important. You  at this  time  will be  able to  connect  easier  with other  emotionally. You will have a  wider  view of humanity  and how  to help those  with in it  spiritually  and  compassionately. Mercury is  also in retrograde so it is  a  time  also  to be careful  and have  common  sense  as  well.

 It is  time  to harvest  what you  started in  the new moon of  this  month. It is  the harvest moon in the medicine  wheel. It is  time to  gather the harvest  and  decide what  you will share,  How  much to  enjoy  and how much to  keep  for the  future. You may  need  to gather   things  like  rest,  courage,  strength, knowledge  for the  time  ahead. This  will help you in preparations  so  you are  not caught off  guard by the  changes  coming  your  way.  Prepare your own  way first  and then decided  what  you will  share. For if  you use  all your  energy  and  resources  helping others you will have  a  dry  well for yourself.  So the  key  again is balance of the  two. Enjoy  the  fruits of the harvest of  this prosperous  time  and gather up  what you need  for the  future and  changes to  come.


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