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 I love  animal  wisdom and  believe  that the  animals have  a lot to  teach us. One of the  things I teach is  if You  see  an  animal three or  more time  or in unusual  situation  doing  something it  would not  normally  do..  then it    may  very  well be  message  for you  from the  animals.  we all have power  and  totem  animals  as  well.  You can  discover  your  totem/ power animals and  they  can become  trusted companions  and  teachers.  I  through shamanic  journeys  have  for myself   discovered mine  and  it is  alway  an on  going  journey of  discovery  and learning  with my teachers/ companions the  animals. I have   also helped others  to  discover their own .

today I though I  would post info on lion  as it is the  new  moon in leo  and leo is  the lion.  so please  enjoy  and I hope that perhaps have a  different perspective of  what the  animals can  teach us.

unfathomable love  we

Ted Andrews from Animal-Speak:

Key note: Assertion of the Feminine and the Power of the Female Sun

The lion is the second largest member of the cat family. The traits of cats should be studied in general, for the lion embodies many of them. It makes its home on the savannas of Africa, and those with this totem would do well to study the significance of the savannas. The lion’s main prey is the antelope and this should be studied as well.

The lion has been symbolic of a variety of energies throughout the years. It is a symbol of the sun and of gold. It was a symbol for the sun-god Mithra. The Egyptians believed that the lion presided over the annual floods of the Nile. Early Christians believed it to be the earthly opponent of the eagle. The medieval alchemists associated it with the fixed element of sulphur, and a young lion was often the symbol of the rising sun and all that is implied by it.

The lion is unusual among members of the cat family in that it will live in groups called prides. If a lion has shown up as a totem, you can expect lessons and issues dealing with community and groups to surface. There may be a need to examine your own role in the group.

Within the pride, the females are the best hunters. although most lions are clumsy hunters by themselves, they have developed an excellent cooperative hunting technique. The females, though, do most of the hunting and the rearing of the cubs. The lion cubs lead a relatively care-free existence. Their parents are patient and affectionate with the cubs, and most individuals with lions as totems will find those same qualities developing within themselves.

The males are most noticeable with their large manes. They do very little work. They can be passionate and excessively jealous of the lionesses. They protect the pride against predators. When hunting they use their roar to scare prey toward the waiting lioness. If a male lion has shown up as your totem, you may need to examine your usefulness within some group or community in your life. do you need to do more than you are? Do you need to be more protective? Do you need to cooperate more?

The lion does not fight for the sake of fighting. It avoids confrontations, and will leave the scen of danger if possible. This is a tactic to keep in ind if the lion is your totem. Lions also hunt primarily by stealth, and the most common method of killing is by strangulation. This technique is something for those with this totem to practice developing when pursuing new endeavors and objectives in any area of life. Be stealthy for the greatest success.

The idea of the young lion being associated with the rising sun is most significant. Since females of the pride do most of the work, it actually reflects the idea of the rising of the feminine energies. The sun has not always been a masculine symbol. It does give birth to new days, and it nurtures and warms life. Thus it is not stretching the correlation to see the lion as the assertion of feminine energies to bring forth birth and new power.

When a lion has shown up, there will be opportunity to awaken to a new sun. Trust your feminine energies–creativity, intuition and imagination. These will add new sunshine to your life. Don’t be afraid to roar if you feel threatened or intruded upon.


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