The “what if” game of postive intent

 we  all play  the  what if  game..  what if  this ?  what if  that? usually  when  we  play it is    with all the negative what if ‘s..  usually in  playing  the  game it is all the  things and  worse  case  scenarios we  are playing out in the   what if.. we  are  coming  from  place of  lack and  fear.

 However,  what  if  we  played  the  what if  game  looking  for  things  that  were positive  and  made us  feel better? what if  we   held  the intention   of  looking  for  evidence of  well-being, thriving,  success,  love and happiness. when you  are tuning  yourself  to the  vibration of these  things what happens  then? those kinds of  good  feeling  experiences  start  to dominate your  life..

So what if today You played  the  what if  game looking   for things  that make you  feel  better?.. what if you played  the  what if  game  looking  for things  to be  grateful  for? What if you played  the  what if game finding love in  everything you  did  today? how  would this  change  a  moment in your  day?  how  would this  change  the  day?  the week?  the  month ? the   year?

 what would you  discover in your  bliss,  joy, love  and prosperity?


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