New moon of August 9, 2010 in Leo

 This is one of the  two thing  I wrote  for my  august  new  moon  newletter   and  I  am   happy  to sharing   with you

The new moon on August 9, 2010 is in Leo. So this new moon of Leo might be a good time to start something new. The new moon is about beginnings and rebirth.  New moon is that blank canvas on which we can paint anything we want. The colour for this new moon is yellow. The element of this new moon is fire. The new moon in Leo highlights and  will bring to  forefront : Strength  , confidence,  self- expression, courage, children  and our inner  child, creative projects, leadership, being positive,  fun  and  pleasure, generosity, kindness, cultivating  your  gifts, romance and  charisma.

During this new moon it good time to pursue romance and express feelings of passion. It is time to learn to be good leader and be kind, loyal and generous. It is a time to find and then pursue what make your heart dance and sing in joy. It is time with confidence to step into your own power. It is time to laugh, play, be delighted and celebrate.  It is  time  to get  those  creative  juices  flowing  and  fan  the  flames of  your  creative  projects. It is time to embrace passion in your friendships and love. It is time to make time to laugh out loud like children do. It is time to make time for play and fun. It is time for courage and to do something courageous.

On this new moon in August it would also do us well to avoid drama. We may on this new moon question what we want out of our lives and life. It may  help us  to  see  what  we  wish to make happen  and  then with  courage take  chance to  do so. To take baby step to make our dream and wish’s happen.  If  there is conflict the  new  moon  give us  strength  to remain  calm,  grounded  and  speak our  truth. It  also  give  us  the  ability  to have  the  strength of lion to  defend  our truth if  we  must.

 Lions are a symbol of strength, nobility, kind-heartedness., protection and assertion of the feminine among other things. Lion live in prides.  So lessons and issues dealing with groups and community could also surface. As well perhaps  maybe  a  need   to  examine  your own  role in the  group  and  community.

 I  would  just  like to  take   time  to wish you  all the  strength  and  courage  to pursue  your heart’s desires  and needs .  That each   and  every one of you have the  strength  and  courage of the  lion  to roar a  roar  that  tell  the world I  am proud  and  strong .

 With unfathomable love Whitestar Eagle


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Eyes of Fire
    Aug 08, 2010 @ 14:21:06

    Michelle, neat new moon message. Thanks.

    Today is also my father’s birthday and I am starting something new today, too. It’s the ability to remember the good things about my former husband. Ironically I was having coffee with a friend when Eagle Woman, she calls herself, came in. I met her at her yard sale and bought a few lovely art pieces from her (not her own art but collection) a few weeks back, and then she invited me to her launch of her new underground dining adventure….dinner prepared by her in her home….absolutely fabulous including the chocolate raspberry salad dressing! awesome!

    Anyhow, back to the morning coffee this week, there sits Eagle Woman with her hubby and she comes to join us at our table where minutes later we find out that she not only lives in the same town as my former husband did, but she and he were lovers! We exchanged happy memories about my former husband and her former lover. It was nice to remember the nice things. And so the new healing was launched. I am enjoying remembering how special my former husband was and what fun times we had.

    love, blessings and sun and moon beams to you, White Star Eagle!
    Eyes of Fire


  2. whitestareagle
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 03:45:52

    Eyes of fire my dear friend your welcome. I am glad you liked the post. Happy birthday to your dad too. I think it wonderful that your starting to remember good things about your former husband.

    I think it is absolutely fabulous idea about the underground dining experience and that salad dressing sound mouth watering and yummy !!

    *laughs* I think if I had been drink tea I would have spit it on my computer from laughing.. I mean serous Eyes of Fire what are the chances of meeting a former lover of your former husband that lives hundred of miles away and you just meet not long ago. coincidence I think not !!

    I think it even more fabulous that it is bring you healing and joy. I hope that the start of this new adventure of these memories help you to remember the fabulous women you were then and are now.

    Love blessings and blue sparkles if Sirius to you my dear friend

    Whitestar Eagle


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